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Who We Are

We believe that solutions to problems are best found and implemented by those who are affected the most. For this reason, we rely heavily on Ugandans to staff our programs; in fact over 90% of our team of professionals and specialists are Ugandan.

Meet some of our amazing team members..each of whom daily demonstrates an enthusiastic dedication to being a #cyclebreaker!

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Our Staff and Programs Are Supported by You!

Together, with your help, we can break the cycle of malnutrition in Uganda. Children can fully recover, families can be empowered, and communities can thrive!

Our Story

In September of 2007, Renee Bach at the age of 18 left her home in Virginia and traveled to Uganda to volunteer at an orphanage in the town of Jinja.

While there, the Lord opened many doors to serve and fall in love with the people; her 6-month stay turned into 9 and her heart was torn by the contrast of her comfortable life in America and the extreme needs of the people she had grown to love. After a prayerful time back in America, she began the process of forming a non-profit ministry that could make a difference to the hurting people of Uganda. In the fall of 2008, Serving His Children became a reality. During her initial stay in Uganda, Renee helped start a temporary feeding program in the community of Masese. She was impacted by the strength and beauty of the people despite their daily struggles. When God called her back to Uganda, she knew that this is where she would start.

In June of 2009 Renee landed in Uganda and moved into a rented house that only God could provide right in Masese. She made herself available and began to get to know the community through a feeding program at her home for 900-1,000 children two days a week. Over the next year, seeing the largest need among children with severe acute malnutrition, the program slowly changed into what we called Malnutrition Rehabilitation. Renee’s home became a place of healing and change for hundreds of families affected by the devastating results of malnutrition. Over the next several years more than 800 children from 30 different districts were successfully rehabilitated and returned home to families embracing improved nutrition and healthcare. Although many lives were saved and changed, we recognized that in order to achieve long-term community-wide change, we needed to make a shift towards sustainability in our approach.

In 2016 we were asked by Ugandan healthcare officials to establish our model of care inside a government facility. We saw this as an opportunity to be a part of something that was ultimately larger than Serving His Children and would affect more lives and communities than we could reach in a private setting. Plans were made, partnerships were formed and in June of 2017 this vision became a reality and the first Rural Malnutrition Rehabilitation program was opened inside Kigandalo Health Center IV in Mayuge. Don’t miss what God is doing through this unique partnership to break the cycle of malnutrition in Uganda; follow our continuing story on social media and sign up for our newsletter!

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind. -C.S.Lewis