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Become a Fundraiser

Setting up a fundraising campaign is super easy, but has a huge impact. If you feel passionate about breaking the cycle of malnutrition, then share that passion with your friends and family and invite them to join our mission too!

Step One

60-Second Setup

It takes less than a minute to set up your fundraiser page! Just visit the link, set a financial goal, and jazz things up with a little personalization (or let our template do the work!). That’s it! In about 60 seconds the setup process will be complete and your awesome new page will be sent to us for a quick approval and you’re off to the races.

Step Two

Spread the Word

Once approved, it’s time to spread the word. Share your fundraising page on social media, send out an email, shoot out a text…whatever your medium(s) of choice, tell your friends and family about the campaign, what it is and why you’re doing it. (Let us know if you’d like some help with this part - we have resources available!) You’ll receive a notification every time someone contributes to your campaign so you can easily keep track of your progress and thank your supporters.

Step Three

Break the Cycle

Once your campaign is over, the really exciting stuff begins - each and every dollar you raised will be put toward breaking the cycle of malnutrition in Uganda. As a direct result of your efforts, young lives will be restored, whole families will be empowered, and communities will be supported in their efforts to implement sustainable solutions to malnutrition. And the really cool part? In Uganda, every $1 invested in nutrition yields a $30 return in economic and health benefits; that means that whatever amount you raise will have 30x the impact! Now that’s our kind of math!

Step Four

See your Impact In Action

We know that pictures and video are the best way to fully capture the amazing stories we have to share, so we keep fresh content coming as much as possible. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook, sign up to receive our monthly email newsletter, and/or check out the What’s New page on the website for all the updates.

Ready to Start Fundraising?

Set up your campaign in less than 60-seconds.