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In Uganda, malnutrition is a devastating cycle that steals the life of a child all too often. We're on a mission to break that cycle.

What is the cycle of malnutrition?

In many areas of rural Uganda, when a child becomes ill due to malnutrition, the symptoms are treated but the underlying causes are never addressed. As a result, the child is likely to remain in an unending cycle of undernourishment, sickness and treatment.

This cycle has tremendous impact


In Uganda one third of the population of children are stunted by malnutrition and it is the underlying cause of nearly 45% of all deaths under the age of five.3


Malnourished children are sick more often and struggle to remain healthy, and therefore suffer from developmental delays and are often unable to attend school


Lower levels of education and increased healthcare costs - both direct results of malnutrition - create a weakened Ugandan economy

SHC Is Working To Break the Cycle

Since 2010, we have been working hard to tackle the malnutrition crisis at its root. Working alongside Ugandan health officials, families and community leaders we provide treatment, supplemental nutrition, and comprehensive education and support. Our mission is not simply to treat the symptoms of malnutrition, but rather to address the underlying causes and put an end to malnutrition altogether. When the cycle of malnutrition is broken, lives are changed and communities thrive!

Here’s how we do it:

Medical Treatment

When necessary, children are treated and given medications to manage related symptoms.

Supplmental Nutrition

Supplemental foods and therapeutic formula are provided during the recovery process.

Inpatient Housing and Meals

Caregivers are given a place to stay in our center and meals while the child is recovering


Families and communities are offered educational classes and support in the areas of nutrition, general healthcare, and agriculture.

Biblical Discipleship

Optional Bible studies, worship, and mentoring are offered during both inpatient and outpatient treatment

Did you know?

In Uganda, every $1 invested in nutrition yields a $30 return in health and economic benefits.2

Breaking the cycle of malnutrition in one family not only has a tremendous impact on that individual household, but also on the health of the community and the growth of the economy as a whole. It’s a life changing investment with powerful returns!

Ready to become a


With an investment of $27/month, over the course of one year you are fully funding the cost of breaking the cycle of malnutrition in one family. That’s one life restored, one family empowered, and one community sustained. Now that’s a powerful return!